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Based in St. Paul MN, Mike and Cavan have built up a real classic car community. Enthusiasts, retirees, friends and family are the driving force behind their shop. With passion for classics, on any morning you will find a steady flow of people working together to tend to the shop and the stable of cars. The shop started as a hobby space and has now become a true resource for like-minded classic car people who put their heart and soul into maintaining and restoring their cars. Bathed in the glow of a large, and continuously growing, neon sign collection the shop has a nostalgic feel of a 50s era gas station. Like most gas stations, there is never a shortage of coffee and donuts to be shared while stories and memories are discussed and made. The cars in the stable are meticulously maintained and most importantly, to do NOT sit around and collect dust! Every weekend you can easily find this crew attending shows around the metro area. The most notable detail about their attendance is every car is driven to the shows, never trailered. That said, if you are fortunate enough to own a car from this stable, you know with confidence first hand, every car is meticulously maintained and ready for the open road!

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